Lydia Whitlock

Written / Visuals

Born in Baltimore and raised in Atlanta, Lydia moved to Los Angeles right after graduating from Yale University in 2008 with a B.A. in Film Studies. Her time at Yale taught her many interesting ways to write and think about a variety of subjects — primarily film, music, and photography — skills which she has managed to put to use outside the world of academia.

After spending five years as an executive assistant on various sides of the business — management, feature development, and commercial production — she transitioned to freelance writing and design and has been working with clients across the commercial, music video, feature, and TV worlds since 2013.

When not writing or designing, you are most likely to find her cooking, boxing, making pottery and then giving it away, hiking, and exploring Los Angeles. She is the author of the book To My Assistant, published by Random House in 2013.